By Tim Sahd
Staff Writer

The Faculty Senate sent a motion to its executive committee Friday that would file a grievance for a university violation of the three-fourths rule.

The three-fourths rule requires all university departments or degree-granting programs have 75 percent of credit hours taught by tenurable faculty.

The motion alleges the theology department currently stands in violation of this rule. Tenurable faculty holding the rank of assistant, associate or ≥full≤ professor taught about 62 percent of the hours offered during the 1997-98 academic year.

The executive committee, which consists of the chair, vice-chair and committee heads, plans to look at the motion and decide the proper Senate committee to handle the issue.

The move pushes action on the motion, proposed by George Lapennas, associate professor of biology, to next fall.

An amendment, passed by a vote of 6-4-1, requires a committee to report on the issue by Nov. 1.